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Submission Guidelines for Free Content


Submission Guidelines

In order to be considered for listing on this site, there are a few requirements that your free content must meet:

1) It must be FREE. This website is about sharing and spreading the word of Christ. Links back to the originating website are the only price that webmasters should pay for using your content.

2) You have to provide some type of content that is appropriate for use on a Christian web site. It does not necessarily have to be Christian in nature. For example: Guest books, hit counters, greeting cards, etc.

3) If your content is articles or writings of any kind, it must adhere to Christian teachings and principles.

4) Content should automatically update on the user's web site. If you have content, but don't have the ability to deliver it automatically, contact us; we may be able to partner with you and provide the delivery for you or you may be able to use our Content Loader from your site.

5) It must be content that will display on the users web site. If it is just a link to content located elsewhere it will be listed on a page of links and identified as such: Links.

6) The visitor should NOT be transferred to your site in order to view/use the content.

7) If in doubt, submit it. You never know, you may catch me in a good mood!


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