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No Cussing Club's Onload
Christian Stereograms

Add "'s Onload Christian Stereograms" to Your Website
   FCC's Onload Christian Stereograms. A new stereogram with a Christian message is randomly loaded each time the page is refreshed. These stereograms are 700 x 120. There are a total 10 messages. The messages are:

Alive In Christ       evANGELism        God Is Love   
got Jesus?           Jesus Is Lord       Jesus Lives!  
Jesus Saves         King of Kings        The Truth      
  Trust God   

    You can also include these sterograms in your e-mail if you use an HTML signature file. Copy the code into your HTML signature file and a stereogram will appear with each email that you send.
   The banner scripts are all web responsive. They will display on a mobile device without destroying your layout.


Do not offer the banners for download on your site.
You may not offer these banners for sale.
Only use them on Christian or family sites.



Onload Christian Stereograms


Copy the code for "'s Onload Christian Stereograms"

   To copy the code, click in the box and use CTRL+C. To paste the code into your web page, use CTRL+V.


Onload Christian Stereograms
(New banner when page is refreshed)


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Page updated:  12/26/2016