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No Cussing Club's Floaters

Add "'s Floaters" to Your Website
   This script will allow you to "float" a gif, or animated gif (with a transparent background of course), over the other content on your page. This is accomplished using a modified javascript written by Brian Gosselin. The original script and many others can be found at Script Asylum. You can use any gif you want simply by changing one line in the script that is inserted in between the body tags.
(img src="") (Be sure to see the bottom of the page for FULL installation instructions.) Change the "img src" to any image that you want and it will be displayed as the floater. Please only link to gifs that are on your own website. Linking to gifs on other people's sites uses their bandwidth and is stealing from them.
   There are 31 animated gifs that I am using. All the images that I am using are copyrighted and belong to either Animation Factory or
   The complete code for the floaters is at the bottom of this page.

Copy the code for "'s Floaters"

   To copy the code, click in the box and use CTRL+C. To paste the code into your web page, use CTRL+V.


Step 1
(Place these lines between the HEAD tags of your HTML document:)



Step 2
(Place these lines between the BODY tags of your HTML document:)



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Page updated:  12/26/2016