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FCC's Daily Bible Verse Photos

Add "FCC's Daily Bible Verse Photos" to Your Website
    FCC's Daily Bible Verse Photos. These Bible Verse Photos are 400 x 400 pixels and they link to the 1024 x 768 pixel wallpaper. Each photo includes a Bible verse.
    The photos will change daily and cycle through 74 selected photos and then start over. You can see all of the photos at: FCC's Bible Verse Photos.

FCC's Daily Bible Verse Photos

          Heading Color:
  Heading Title Color:

               Border Size:
             Border Color:



Get the code for FCC's Daily Bible Verse Photos
    Click inside the window below, use your cursor, or use Ctrl-A, to highlight the script. Copy it using 'Ctrl-C'. Paste it into your web page, using 'Ctrl-V', where you want the content to appear.

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Page updated:  12/26/2016