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FCC's Content Loader/Syndicator

Add "FCC's Content Loader/Syndicator" to Your Website
    This Flash program will read and display a text file from your server. It can be used for things like articles, stories, links or a myriad of other things. The display area is a set size but it includes a scroll bar so that any length text file can be used with it. Instead of having to modify your HTML page to display a new article, etc, you just update the text file. This means that users can update the text file, FTP it to the server thus changing the content without having to contact a web developer.
     The Content Loader has the added advantage of giving you the ability to offer your own content to other websites. You simply supply the other site with the necessary code and your content starts showing up on their site.
     I also made the text field transparent so that you can use a background picture if you so desire or you can set the background to any color that you want. You do this by using a single cell table and setting the background of it to a color or assign it the graphic that you want to display below the text.
     You can also use a limited set of HTML codes on the text that displays in the text field. The limitiation is due to Flash so I have no control over that. The supported HTNL codes are:

<html></html> defines the HTML document
<font></font>    defines font characteristics with attributes such as face, size, color.
<a href></a>     the anchor tag for links. Flash supports the 'target' attribute
<b></b>             Bold
<u></u>             Underline
<i></i>                Italics
<p></p>             Paragraph
<br>                   Line break

     At the bottom of the page you will find a zip file that contains all of the necessary files and instructions to use the Content Loader. It explains how to display files on your site and to display your content on other sites. You MUST download the zip file in order to use the Content Loader. The text file must be on the same sever as the program so here is no way that I can host this program from my server.
     Below are three examples using the Content Loader. The Content Loader code for each, is the same. It is only the background of the table that is different.

Demonstration #1

Centered, single cell, borderless table with Content Loader
using the page background. This is the default.

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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Demonstration #2

Centered, single cell table with a background color.

Demonstration #3

Centered, single cell table with a graphical background.


Get the code for FCC's Content Loader/Syndicator
  This program can be used for FREE on any CHRISTIAN web site. If you want to use it on a non-Christian site, send me an email with the site URL so that I can review the site. You can use the link at the below to contact me.

Download the Content Loader/Syndicator zip file.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact the webmaster at:

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Page updated:  12/26/2016