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Add "Blue Letter Bible ScriptTagger" to Your Website
The "BLB ScriptTagger" is a free tool that you can integrate into your website or blog to automatically create a hover-over display for all Bible references on the page. The hover-over reveals the verse text and provides a link for further study at the Blue Letter Bible website.

Try it out on the verses below.

This script will scan the text of your webpage for verse references such as this: Romans 1:16-18 or Jhn 3:16. It will then link them and automatically create and enable the hover-over.

You can set your preferred translation and various other settings. The script will also detect valid translation abbreviations connected with the reference, such as: Zephaniah 3:17 ESV

Other reference styles that this will automatically catch are: Deut 8:2-6, 10, 17-18 and Genesis 1:26-28; 3:15.

Get the code for "Blue Letter Bible ScriptTagger"
You can get the necessary code at:
Blue Letter Bible ScriptTagger

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