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Pastor Steve Ridenour has given much to his community of  believers and he is a dear
friend of mine. He is now in real need. If you can help, it would be truly appreciated.

This website is designed to help Christian webmasters locate free content for their web sites. All of the content
on this web site should be appropriate for use on Christian web sites. All content is displayed on this site so that
even if you aren't looking for free content, you will still find this site entertaining and informational. You will also
find free downloads for your desktop and photos that you can use as you please.

Some content on this site belongs to other providers. To use it, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of that
page. If you are providing content to other websites and would like it included here, see the submission page for
details. We will be continually updating this website so you will want to check back to see what's new .

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